Sea Salt & Orchid, Ocean Breeze & Arctic Storm | Spring Non-Toxic Candle Set


Non-Toxic Candles for a Fresh, Springtime Ambiance

Immerse yourself in the rejuvenating spirit of spring with Arctic Wicks’ Spring Candle Set, featuring non-toxic candles crafted from coconut and beeswax. This collection includes three captivating scents—Sea Salt & Orchid, Ocean Breeze, and Arctic Storm—each designed to evoke the freshness and renewal of the season. Sea Salt & Orchid offers a serene blend of crisp ozonic notes and soothing sea salt, creating a tranquil, spa-like atmosphere. Ocean Breeze transports you to a sunlit shore with its invigorating mix of salty ozone and fresh citrus, while Arctic Storm brings a revitalizing burst of citrus, followed by a warm, comforting embrace of sweet undertones.

Our non-toxic candles are enhanced with essential oils for a natural and therapeutic scent experience, ensuring a clean, toxin-free burn that is safe for you and your loved ones. Perfect for gifting or personal use, the Spring Candle Set promises to fill your home with the fresh, uplifting aromas of the season, creating a delightful and eco-friendly ambiance. Embrace the vibrant awakening of nature with Arctic Wicks’ Spring Candle Set and let each flame tell a story of renewal and new beginnings.

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Brand: Arctic Wicks