Arctic Storm


Embark on a Fragrant Odyssey with Arctic Storm

Envelop your space with the crisp, exhilarating aura of Arctic Storm, a luxurious 9oz coconut and beeswax candle. This scented marvel entices with a symphony of sweet citrus and luscious tropical fruits that give way to a heart of sun-ripened strawberries and seductive jasmine.

A grounding finale of tart raspberries fused with fresh greenery completes this sensory escapade. Infused with natural orange essential oils, Arctic Storm is a beacon of purity, offering a non-toxic, exquisite scent experience reminiscent of a verdant paradise. It’s not just a candle—it’s a gateway to an invigorating atmosphere, making it the perfect gift candle for anyone seeking to invigorate their home with nature’s most captivating aromas.