Love Spell


Enchant Your Senses with Love Spell Candle

Ignite a symphony of aroma in your sanctuary with the Love Spell Coconut and Beeswax Candle. This 9oz hand-poured candle marries the intoxicating sweetness of peach and apple with a splash of zesty grapefruit to usher in an invigorating top note.

As the flame dances, it unlocks the tender heart of cherry blossom and hydrangea, crafting a floral retreat in your own space. Settling into the comforting embrace of vanilla and a whisper of powder, the scent promises a tranquil backdrop to your daily rituals.

Ideal as an affectionate gift for her, an anniversary token, or to enrich wedding favors, this non-toxic candle is a cherished companion for any occasion from housewarming to showing gratitude with teacher appreciation gifts.

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Brand: Arctic Wicks