November 26, 2023 by Ryan Castillo

Updated on December 13th, 2023

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Transforming your living space into a sanctuary of sustainability and well-being begins with the enticing world of eco-friendly scents. As we embrace a greener lifestyle, the choice of fragrances for your home becomes more than just a pleasant aroma—it becomes a conscious decision to prioritize the environment. From naturally derived essential oils to plant-based waxes, this Redfin article will explore how eco-friendly scents not only elevate the ambiance of your home but also contribute to a better planet. Whether you’re renting an apartment in Spokane, WA, or purchased a home in Tyler, TX, check out these tips for selecting eco-friendly scents and 15 scents that are sure to delight.

A lit Arctic Moonlight and Arctic Nights 9oz Coconut and Beeswax Candle with holiday decorations around it and a pair of wick trimmers with Arctic Wicks engraved on them.

Tips for selecting eco-friendly scents 

1. Seek out candles with certifications 

Select candles with certifications that go through rigorous assessments in order to guarantee that they meet established environmental standards.

“In a market saturated with eco-claims, we advocate for discernment through verified authenticity, says Arctic Wicks. “It’s crucial to seek out candles with certifications from reputable third-party and government organizations. Our Coconut and Beeswax candles, for instance, proudly carry the USDA BioPreferred Certification, substantiating our 100% biobased content with thorough laboratory testing, ensuring consumers receive genuinely non-toxic and sustainable products.” 

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