Enchant with Mistletoe – A Winter Aromatic Journey

Elevate your space with the Mistletoe Coconut and Beeswax Candle—a sublime embodiment of winter’s essence. Each 9oz candle whispers the holiday spirit, wrapping your surroundings in the warm, nostalgic scents of pine and fir. Distinctly curated fragrance notes—eucalyptus, camphor, and red currant at the pinnacle, transition gracefully towards a heart imbued with clove, pine, and fir. The base resonates with profound essences of patchouli and cedar. Meticulously blended with essential oils of cedarwood, fir, and patchouli, this scented masterpiece harmoniously intertwines tradition and luxury, crafting an ambiance of holiday warmth and joy.

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Brand: Arctic Wicks