I’m Yours No Refund – Love Spell


Seal Your Romance with a Scented Promise – I’m Yours No Refund

Ignite a flame of affection with the I’m Yours No Refund – Love Spell candle, a playful nudge at forever with its whimsical “I’m Yours – No Refunds” label. This 9oz aromatic beacon is crafted from a luxurious blend of coconut and beeswax, casting a warm glow over any intimate moment.

Breathe in the harmonious dance of peach, grapefruit, and apple, setting the stage for a heart of cherry blossom and hydrangea. As the evening unfolds, notes of powder and vanilla whisper sweet nothings, ensuring a scent-sational serenade.

Perfect for anniversaries or just because, this candle is a non-toxic love letter that says “you’re stuck with me” in the most enchanting way.

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Brand: Arctic Wicks