Christmas Spirit, Mistletoe, Frosted Fir | 3 Pack Christmas Candle Set


Enchant Your Senses – Christmas Candle Set

Ignite the joy of the season with our exclusive 3 Pack Christmas Candle Set. Each 9oz candle, made from a premium blend of coconut and beeswax, offers a unique scent to fill your home with the essence of Christmas.

The Christmas Spirit candle intertwines zesty orange peel, warm cinnamon, and tart lemon with a mulled red wine and wooden base, embodying the holiday cheer.

Frosted Fir captures a wintry forest with fresh lemon peel, pine, and a hint of cedar, rounded out with sage and moss.

The Mistletoe candle’s crisp eucalyptus and camphor merge with festive pine and fir, anchored by earthy patchouli and cedar. These hand-poured candles, infused with essential oils, bring the spirit of the holidays to life, making them perfect for gifting or adorning your own festive spaces.

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