Christmas Spirit, Drunken Saint Nick, Frosted Fir | 3 Pack Winter Candle Set


Ignite the Festive Warmth – Winter Candle Trio

Embark on a sensory retreat this winter with Arctic Wicks’ exclusive 3 Pack Winter Candle Set. Each 9oz candle blends the richness of coconut and beeswax to deliver a non-toxic burn that’s as kind to your senses as it is to the planet. Revel in ‘Christmas Spirit,’ with its cheerful mingle of orange peel, cinnamon, and a bold red wine finish.

Embrace the crisp embrace of ‘Frosted Fir,’ where ozone and cypress lead into a heart of evergreen and cherry blossom, grounding in an amber and moss base.

Lastly, ‘Drunken Saint Nick’ serves a spirited twist with vanilla bourbon-infused with amaretto and spiced oak nuances. Perfect for those seeking the essence of winter without stepping outside, each candle from this Christmas candles collection promises to fill your space with holiday cheer.

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