Arctic Moonlight


Signature Scent Elegance – Arctic Moonlight

Looking for a scent that’s truly unique? Immerse yourself in the captivating allure of the Arctic Moonlight, a 9oz coconut and beeswax candle, intricately blended to enrich your senses. This exquisite candle infuses the air with the sumptuous aroma of Moonflower Nectar, where the lusciousness of pear and the freshness of agave dance atop.

As the flame flickers, it unveils a heart of delicate rose, oceanic marine, and tender cherry blossom, creating a harmonious floral bouquet. The experience culminates with a seductive fusion of powdery notes, dark musk, and warm amber, crafting a sophisticated and lingering ambiance.

Enhanced with Italian lemon essential oil, this non-toxic candle promises an enchanting olfactory journey, perfect as a luxurious gift or a treasured addition to your home.