Frosted Fir


Journey through Winter’s Wonderland

Dive deep into the heart of winter’s splendor with Frosted Fir—a captivating candle that is a quintessence of the season’s enchantment. Begin your sensory voyage with invigorating top notes of ozone, camphor, cypress, and lemon peel, embodying the fresh, crisp air of a frosty morning. The adventure unfurls as heart notes of pine, evergreen, cedar, and cherry blossom seamlessly intermingle, recreating the authentic essence and charm of a lush Christmas tree.

Immerse yourself in the authentic aroma of a real Christmas tree, as this masterful blend mirrors the nostalgic and heartwarming scents of the holiday season. The journey culminates in warm, embracing base notes of juniper, sage, amber, and moss, providing a soothing and grounding finale to a mesmerizing fragrance expedition.