Christmas Spirit


Unleash the Essence and Spirit of Christmas

Christmas is finally here! Bring the feeling of Christmas home with this festive candle. A traditional wassail blend of oranges, lemon, and apple cider with touches of cranberries and cinnamon, bringing in the spirit of Christmas. A classically nostalgic scent perfect for the holidays!

Immerse yourself in the heartwarming embrace of ‘Christmas Spirit’, a delicately crafted 16oz candle that conjures the festive soul with its inviting glow and exquisite scent. Each flicker unleashes a symphony of orange peel, cinnamon, and lemon, intertwined with the soft whispers of cranberry and red currant.

Rooted in the richness of coconut and beeswax, it’s more than a scented candle—it’s a celebration of sweet fireside memories and festive traditions, illuminating spaces with a soft, non-toxic radiance, perfect as gift candles for those cherishing classic holiday moments.