Black Coral & Moss


Embrace the Essence of Elegance – Black Coral & Moss

Discover the subtle charm of a gentleman’s haven with the Black Coral & Moss 16oz Double Wick Amber Jar Candle. Crafted from a sophisticated blend of coconut and beeswax, this masculine candle ushers in a scent narrative that begins with the crispness of marine breezes and a hint of sweet pineapple, underpinned by the freshness of camphor.

It transitions into a heart of lush bamboo and soothing lavender, settling into a complex base where dark musk converges with the earthiness of vetiver, amber, and cedar. Infused with essential oils like sweet orange and patchouli, and highlighted by the wild essence of nootka tree, this candle offers an olfactory journey akin to a high-end cologne.

Perfect for gifting or personal indulgence, this non-toxic, beeswax candle is a sustainable choice for the environmentally conscious consumer seeking a touch of luxury.

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Brand: Arctic Wicks